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What is Cloud Computing?

Although The Cloud has been around for some time, many people won’t have realised that by having an email account hosted by the likes of Hotmail or Google, they are in fact accessing a ‘Cloud’ based email system. Increased reference to The Cloud has caused some confusion amongst those outside the industry as to what exactly a move to The Cloud could consist of. To break it down into simple terms, services delivered under the context of The Cloud are as follows;

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage allows you to upload documents, files and photos to an account which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Information is stored in large data centres operated and hosted by third parties, the most well-known being Microsoft Sky Drive, Google Apps and Dropbox. When you’re business requirements for Cloud Storage exceed the limits of these more well-known providers, INDBiT can provide you with a cost effective solution.Contact us now to find out more.

Hosted Services

By hosting your desktop and email exchange remotely, employees can share contacts, calendars and email by accessing a virtual desktop featuring all your usual business applications. A Hosted Desktop and Hosted Email Exchange can be accessed by employees using an internet connection from anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution and without compromising security.

Cloud Networks as an IT Infrastructure

Referred to as Cloud Computing, having your network hosted remotely means that employees can access software, data and applications in the office, at home or on a mobile or tablet from anywhere in the world at any time providing they have an internet connection. Users access a virtual version of their desktop, allowing you to collaborate more easily, increasing productivity and reducing staff down time due to travel, location, sickness or bad weather. Moving software and applications to The Cloud means you can still integrate with common software packages such as Outlook and MicroSoft Office whilst removing the need to house servers in the office, reducing IT maintenance and freeing up space on employees hard drives

Why move to The Cloud?

Cloud Computing – Benefits of The Cloud as an IT Infrastructure

There are many benefits of moving your IT infrastructure, in part or in whole to The Cloud, as well as various considerations. It’s easy to get started with The Cloud and when you partner with INDBiT we use our knowledge and experience to establish your exact requirements and to plan a smooth, stress free migration that saves you money. As we own and maintain the running, housing and maintenance of all relevant equipment, you can rest assured that security is our main priority. Only authorised personnel will have access to your data which is automatically protected using our offsite backup solutions proving invaluable in the event of disaster recovery.


By employing services within The Cloud, your business has the flexibility to expand or contract rapidly and efficiently.

Significant benefits in terms of both cost and flexibility are realised as you add or remove users, and increase or decrease the number of servers your business needs, without the need for additional capital investment.


Remove the hassle of maintaining onsite infrastructure by connecting your network to the latest technology via The Cloud.

Free up resource by removing the need to be concerned with IT maintenance, upgrades and security. This leaves you and your staff to focus on your own business.


Allow your employees to work securely from anywhere at any time. With servers located in The Cloud, business doesn’t have to come to a halt when staff are out of the office.

Ideal for those who spend a significant time travelling, moving to The Cloud means that employees can access the usual software, applications and data anywhere. This increases productivity and reduces down time due to sickness and bad weather.

We know how important security is to any business, which is why we pride ourselves on the security measures we put into place to protect your data. At INDBiT, Cloud Backup and managed AntiVirus is offered to every client.

Data is stored on remote servers which are automatically protected using our offsite backup solutions, invaluable in the event of any disaster which requires data recovery.  It also means you don’t have to worry if you lose or delete files from your computer as the data can be retrieved from our remote servers.
We understand that for some industries, data protection is a fundamental part of business and that storing sensitive information, personal records and credit card details still requires the added security of private dedicated servers. INDBiT can provide this kind of hybrid and private cloud solution, by utilising dedicated private servers to build a cloud which is accessed and used only by you.


A move to The Cloud removes the need to buy, install and manage your own software and provides your business with access to the latest software, hardware and infrastructure with minimal outlay. This is known within the industry as Software-as-a-Service as the software is deployed over the internet and used by staff from anywhere where they have an internet connection.

Computers run faster, new workstations can be added to the network with ease and users have instant access to software and applications. It also removes the need for a business to purchase software licences as this can be  included in your fixed monthly fee from INDBiT.


You can manage and reduce your business costs by having your IT systems managed by INDBiT and paying a fixed monthly fee rather than incurring high capital expenses. This can be especially appealing to start-up businesses and often results in beneficial tax implications.

By only using hardware and software that you need, money isn’t wasted on technology that is never used, meaning you only pay for resources as you use them. By housing software remotely, the speed of individual desktops is increased and overheads such as power consumption and licence fees are reduced.

For Start-up Businesses and small to medium sized enterprises, capital expenditure can be vastly reduced thanks to cloud computing. Statistics show that companies can save up to 30% in IT costs over a 3 year period by employing cloud resources over on site equipment. If you’re a start-up business looking at how best to service your IT needs, it can be a huge advantage to know that for a few £’s per month, you can get the infrastructure needed to get a new venture up and running. Cloud Computing makes it cheaper and easier than ever before to be an entrepreneur with minimal infrastructure start-up costs.