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We help our customer address the seven of the specific security issues customers would face while implementing the cloud based services. We give consulting in identifying and implementing the appropriate solutions needed.

  • Privileged user access.

    Sensitive data processed outside the organization brings with it an inherent level of risk, because outsourced services bypass the “physical, logical and personnel controls” IT shops exert over in-house programs. We understand the best practices to implement and also measures taken to have the right access control mechanism.

  • Regulatory compliance.

    Customers are ultimately responsible for the security and integrity of their own data, even when it is held by a service provider. Traditional service providers are subjected to external audits and security certifications.We can provide the necessary consultancy on identifying the right solutions to meet this requirements.

  • Data location.

    When you use the cloud, you probably won’t know exactly where your data is hosted. In fact, you might not even know what country it will be stored in. Ask providers if they will commit to storing and processing data in specific jurisdictions, and whether they will make a contractual commitment to obey local privacy requirements on behalf of their customers. This is one of the compliance requirements while handling government customers.

  • Data segregation.

    Data in the cloud is typically in a shared environment alongside data from other customers. Encryption is effective but isn’t a cure-all. We need to find out what is done to segregate data at rest. The cloud provider should provide evidence that encryption schemes were designed and tested by experienced specialists. “Encryption accidents can make data totally unusable, and even normal encryption can complicate availability. We provide the tried and tested encryption solution and give a peace of mind that your data is always secure both in motion and in rest.

  • Recovery.

    Even if you don’t know where your data is, a cloud provider should tell you what will happen to your data and service in case of a disaster. “Any offering that does not replicate the data and application infrastructure across multiple sites is vulnerable to a total failure. Our Cloud solutions have the ability to do a complete restoration

  • Audit Trail.

    We have built solution to have audit trail of activity done by our authorised users and their data are always secure.