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A powerful and affordable faxing solution that’s as easy as checking your email!!!!

Send/Receive Fax over E-mail

Save time & effort by sending faxes straight from your email account. With our one-click Email-to-Fax feature, there’s no need to feed in documents one-by-one or waste time getting your old fax machine to work! It’s never been so easy to send faxes! Just attach the document to an email, and send it to . That’s it – Just one click, and your fax is on its way!

24X7 Fax Connectivity for Businesses

SuperFax does away with the need for phone lines, fax machines, power backups, and weekend monitoring. You can send and receive faxes at any time of day or night – all you need is access to your Email account. Furthermore, every SuperFax account comes with its own dedicated phone number that’s just for your use. Give this number out to your clients for 24×7 fax connectivity!

Zero Maintenance Costs

Superfax eliminates the need for a dedicated phone line, fax machines or constant monitoring thus removing maintenance hassles and associated costs. Say goodbye to missed faxes with SuperFax’s powerful features – Send & receive faxes while on vacation, over the weekends, or during a power cut!