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Video Surveillance on Cloude


Set up your own Video Surveillance system
Connect any camera and watch from anywhere computer, smartphone or a Tablet.

Global service

Access all your cameras via our solution, even if they are located on different continents.

Mobile apps

See what’s happening from anywhere, any way you like: on a browser or using our mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Embed video into your website

Embed a live video feed from the surveillance camera into your website or blog, or share a direct link to it on Facebook.

Mark your cameras on a map

Do you have a distributed network of facilities? With our solution you can mark all your cameras on Google Maps.


An expensive IP camera or a CCTV?A simple webcam? We support all of them.


Security is our top priority. All data — including video feeds — is encrypted.

Give access to other users

Do you have several employees who need to access the surveillance cameras simultaneously? we allow you to give access rights to other users.

Archive cloud storage

Store your video archive on a local machine or play it safe and keep it in our cloud.