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It’s about comprehensively addressing the business needs

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It’s about comprehensively addressing the business needs

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With Microsoft cloud solutions, you can put tools and data in the hands of your leaders to uncover insights for competitive advantage. You can enable your employees to collaborate and work on the go, so inspiration can come from anywhere. You can make social an intrinsic part of the business, so you can be more fully connected and engaged internally and reach customers in new ways externally. And with our hybrid public and private cloud platform, you can optimize your IT and deliver flexible, responsive services to your business users. We deliver people-focused cloud experiences through comprehensive, enterprise-grade cloud services.

People-focused and familiar
People want the flexibility to work from anywhere with technology that is easy to use. For years Microsoft has been focused on helping users work as productively as possible, regardless of location or device. This doesn’t change with the cloud. Our cloud tools are consistent, familiar, and intuitive, helping drive faster and lower-cost implementations and high user adoption, for better productivity and business results. For example, users can sign in with their Microsoft account to any PC running Windows 8 and immediately see their own background, display preferences, and settings. With Office 365, they get anywhere access to familiar Office tools, plus enterprise-grade email, conferencing, collaboration, and enterprise social capabilities.

Comprehensive, connected, and flexible
One-off software decisions don’t make business sense in today’s world, as no business service works in isolation. For example, a mobile app can be tied into your financial and collaboration solutions, enabling users to take action with email or instant messaging tools right from within the app. A comprehensive cloud enables you to connect business services and user experiences in an agile way. Microsoft offers the most connected, comprehensive set of cloud solutions, with an unmatched breadth and depth of capabilities from platform to productivity apps to business solutions. Our integrated portfolio of cloud services works across devices and is supported by one of world’s largest developer and partner ecosystems. Our platform is a true hybrid cloud solution, so you can adopt the cloud in a way that fits your business needs and roadmap. And for both business users and IT, our comprehensive cloud means a single experience: single sign-on, a single integrated management view, and a

Trust is a big concern for businesses using cloud services. Will your data and services be available when you need them? Will your confidential information be kept private? Microsoft has the experience, global footprint, security, and reliability that every enterprise should demand of cloud solutions. Leading governments, financial services organizations, and other organizations that work with sensitive information or deliver critical services rely on Microsoft cloud services. No other cloud vendor can match Microsoft’s experience with running and building services. We offer the highest levels of proven security, privacy and reliability. We design and seek certification for the most rigorous global and regional security, data protection, accessibility and environmental standards. And our cloud infrastructure and state-of-the-art data centers comprise one of the largest networks globally with geo-replicated customer data.

As you reimagine your business by tapping into the opportunities enabled by mobile, social, and big data, you will almost by default look to the cloud: it’s the thread that ties these trends together. When you adopt the cloud, you shouldn’t have to make compromises or lower your expectations with solutions that don’t connect or take advantage of your existing investments. “Cloud” isn’t just one thing: it can be public, private, or hybrid. With a flexible cloud platform that gives you all of these options and lets you take advantage of the cloud at your pace, you can reap the benefits without worry.



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